All the products of the marble line are studied and tested directly in our laboratories. Designed for the maintenance, repair and polishing of marble and all natural stones, ensuring high quality with efficient and incomparable results. 





JOLLY mastic for marble is produced in two main formulations: TIXO and LIQUID, in the classic straw color, accompanied by a paste catalyst. The first is ideal for plastering slabs and for small restoration works; its soft and creamy consistency avoids operator fatigue during processing. The liquid type, on the other hand, is recommended above all for gluing slabs horizontally and for grouting smaller pores, as it ensures capillary penetration of the product by strengthening the support. It is equipped with a paste catalyst.



Also based on polyester resin are the transparent mastics for marble, in the liquid and solid type (GOLD), accompanied by catalysts in paste. GOLD is a mastic in the form of a gel, very easy to apply, extremely versatile and, after catalysis, extraordinarily transparent. It does not yellow over time. TRANSPARENT LIQUID is recommended for grouting slabs horizontally and remains transparent even after curing, and over time.


Also based on polyester resin are the transparent mastics for marble, in the liquid and solid type (GOLD), accompanied by catalysts in paste. GOLD is a mastic in the form of a gel, very easy to apply, extremely versatile and, after catalysis, extraordinarily transparent. It does not yellow over time. TRANSPARENT LIQUID is recommended for grouting slabs horizontally and remains transparent even after curing, and over time.


JOLLY GLASS is a mastic for marble based on combined synthetic resins and is mainly used for welding and grouting all types of marble and natural stone. Very tenacious in setting, it becomes very hard and perfectly polishable after consolidation. JOLLY GLASS, in the two liquid and thixo versions, is an absolutely colorless mastic, suitable for special jobs, such as the grouting of travertine if you want to leave the typical holes in marble in view, for artistic and precision works. It does not yellow over time. It is equipped with a liquid catalyst.



High adhesion

Jolly mastic for marble with high adhesive power is a formulation based on polyester resin with characteristics of unmatched tenacity and adhesion for any polyester product. It is therefore suitable for all those jobs where a particular adhesion is required without neglecting the other typical characteristics of polyester mastics. It is especially recommended for restoration and gluing works on granite. Always catalyzed with a paste hardener, it is formulated in liquid and solid types and in transparent and black colors.


Metallic Putty

JOLLY mastic is colored. The new product has the same technical characteristics of a JOLLY mastic for grouting and welding marble, but with highly decorative properties. The top quality of METALLIC MASTIC is the effect of its coloring: a totally metallic effect thus giving the surface a 3D optical illusion. Ideal for pantography and drawing work to achieve a decorative effect. It is indicated as the right alternative for works with "gold leaves". Available in GOLD, SILVER, COPPER colors. All colors are available upon request for minimum order quantities.


MME - Metallic Mastic Effect


Epoxy system

The epoxy kit system is composed of an epoxy-based mastic for marble and a catalyst in a 1: 1 ratio. The system is particularly suitable for use in critical situations, such as artifacts exposed to atmospheric and chemical agents, or for particularly fragile substrates and is ideal for structural adhesions between heterogeneous materials (terracotta, marble, granite - wood, aluminum, iron) and thanks to its high reactivity it can also be used at low temperatures. The formula makes the Epoxy System the ideal solution in the most difficult situations.





EPOKITT Solid Epoxy Resin is one of the new products designed for extra-strong bonding. It is also used in civil engineering for grouting, cement strengthening, structural adhesives, high solid paints, applications to be injected into cracks. This "transparent" resin can also be used to reinforce marble slabs and on some types of granite it gives a wet effect.




Transparent polyester-based resin for marble and stone. Stable to light, it is suitable for plastering and invisible gluing of the sheets or to reinforce them by applying the glass fiber mesh to the back. It is added with liquid catalyst, in the ratio of 3%.


Very reactive unsaturated polyester resin, containing amine accelerator, which allows the product to harden even at temperatures around 0 ° C. The resin R 25, after hardening with a paste catalyst, gives rise to a very hard and clear polymer. Stored in suitable conditions, in perfectly closed containers and at temperatures not exceeding 23 ° C, it has a storage stability of at least 12 months.


EPOKITT is a liquid epoxy resin of excellent quality and enormous tenacity. Its low viscosity allows penetration into very thin cracks. Its characteristics are characterized by an excellent filling power, lower odor, lower vapor pressure and potentially lower risks in processing. It can also be used to reinforce marble slabs, penetrating the micro-cracks, or even by welding the glass fiber mesh in the rear part.




EXTRA LUX is a self-polishing wax studied for an excellent polishing effect on stones and granites. The composition has been studied in order to ensure a long lasting gloss effect to the treated surface even after exposure to atmospheric agents. EXTRA LUX can also be applied on those surfaces on which it is difficult to obtain polishing with abrasives, it is also suitable for obtaining the famous "wet effect" even on non-polished display materials.



It is the right product for obtaining the wet effect on aged materials and for finishing outdoor floors. It is applied on all natural materials such as: stone, granite, marble, etc ... EXTRA DROPS ensures a good "water repellent" effect.



EXTRA WAX is a wax suitable for increasing the brilliance of marble after polishing. A few drops of the product on the surface are enough to obtain the desired effect. It is preferable to machine polish. It is available in the SOLVENT and LIQUID versions.


BRILLO is a liquid wax designed to renew the gloss of marble, granite, natural stone and stoneware. It has a water-repellent action by entering through the micro-pores up to 4 mm inside the materials and a polishing action with the silicone component. BRILLO is permeable to vapor; the breathability of the various surfaces treated remains practically unchanged.



DRAI is an excellent water repellent and stain resistant ideal for marble, granite, terracotta, concrete and stones in general, it is a substance having a water repellency superior to any other organic or inorganic compound, combined with unthinkable oil repellency values, it can be used on any support where protects against liquids such as water, oil, coffee, wine, tea, cola and chocolate. Its particular composition makes it "antistatic" protecting the treated surface from rain, smog and grease. Also available in water version.



GRANILUX is a product used to unify the color of granite. Its function is reinforced by the polishing and oil-repellent capacity, giving a remarkable brilliance to the treated granite. It is available in the SOLVENT and WATER version. Both in the BLACK (ideal for dark colors) and NEUTRAL (ideal for light colors) versions.



VIVO is a solvent-based product designed and studied to enhance the color of the stone. The product gives a persistent "wet effect" and shine on all untreated stone surfaces. Protects and enhances the original color of natural, polished, rough and antiqued stones. The peculiarity is its deep penetration of the material protecting it from stains and watery and oily dirt. It is ideal for window sills, rosettes, decorations etc ... It does not yellow over time and is resistant to UV rays with lasting protection. It has a very high yield, not creating any surface film.


PIETRA ANTICA is a preparation based on a mixture of acids, in water, excellent for obtaining the antique effect on surfaces in Stone, Marble and limestone materials, for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. PIETRANTICA gives the marble its characteristic "oxidized" or "antiqued" tone from the first coat. Thanks to the fast corrosive action, PIETRANTICA gives the surface where it is applied designs of excellent aesthetic relevance. The natural antique effect can be preserved and enhanced by subsequently applying DRAI and / or BRILLO.



GRANILUX with water

GRANILUX with water is a wax that polishes and protects granite, marble and synthetic marble from stains of water, oil, wine, milk, intensifying the color of the stone and giving it splendor and depth. Suitable for DIY.

DRAI with water

Water-based DRAI is a water-based waterproofing agent and a protective agent that combines excellent water repellency with good oil repellency. It can be applied by spray, brush and roller.

EXTRA WAX water-based

EXTRA WAX water-based is the ideal wax for cleaning and protecting floors from stains and fingerprints. It is easy to use with very high yield without leaving streaks.


CLEAN is a universal detergent suitable for do-it-yourself use. Ideal for cleaning marble, ceramic, stoneware and synthetic flooring without damaging the surfaces. It is the ideal cleaner for the maintenance of any type of floor.


SH100 is the crystallizer for marbles. reconstructs and mirrors floors in marble, terrazzo and similar stones. It has a "vitrifying" effect. The treatment gives a lasting shine without opacity and yellowing over time.

BRILLO to water

Water-based Brillo is a water-based silicone wax that allows to increase and uniform the gloss on marble and granite. It cancels the polishing gap that may be present on the artifacts, covers any signs of abrasive processing and protects the surface from stains. It has a good hydro-oil repellent capacity. In addition, it is permeable to vapor; the breathability of the various treated surfaces remains practically unchanged.


It is a complete water-based kit for the care of marble, granite and stoneware, also perfect for the use of DIY. It includes CLEAN, DRAI and BRILLO. The KIT also includes an application sponge, a large polishing cloth and protective gloves. Ideal for proper surface maintenance.

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