The product line was born from the idea of meeting the most careful needs of the nautical sector. Thanks to continuous research, Levante has come to present on the market innovative products suitable not only for professional use but also dedicated to do-it-yourself. Easy to use with real results and above all long lasting.





The GELCOAT 4in1 putty is a new two-component system studied not only for professional users but also D-I-Y. Its application is extremely easy with a final touch like that of a glossy and shiny varnish. In one simple step, GELCOAT 4in1 will save you time and money thanks to its properties: It restores the layers of fiberglass, primer, paint and clear coat.




The GELCOAT 4in1 putty is a new two-component system designed not only for professional users but also for do-it-yourselfers. Its use is extremely easy with a final touch like that of a glossy and shiny varnish. In one simple step, GELCOAT 4in1 will save you time and money thanks to its properties: It restores the layers of fiberglass, primer, paint and clear coat.



FiberGlass putty is a putty suitable for filling missing parts on metal, fiberglass, etc. Its excellent qualities make the product spreadable and easy to sand, making it absolutely unparalleled in restoration work. Also available in the LIGHT FIBERGLASS STUCCO version with a low specific weight that allows not to vary the grouted supports



The METALLIC FILLER has been designed to meet the most particular needs of the shipbuilding industry. It is very refined and spreadable and is very easy to sand by machine and also by hand. Its properties characterize it as a product with excellent filling power.

Epoxy Putty

The two-component EPOXY PUTTY is the ideal product for the reconstruction of broken or damaged parts. It has a good compromise between rigidity and flexibility, so that it can also be used with excellent results on other surfaces such as: rubber, ceramic, glass, aluminum, tiles, iron and synthetic resins.


Epoxy putty

Putty For Wood
Light / Medium / Dark

Putty for wood is suitable for all types of application on wooden supports, to reconstruct missing parts of small and large dimensions, grouting, etc. It hardens quickly using the special catalyst. Its formulation allows the same treatment of wood and can be repainted with most enamels on the market.

Ultra-light Putty

Ultralight putty is a new generation epoxy putty, with very low shrinkage thanks to its low specific weight: 0.6 kg / L. It is very soft, very easy to spread with an excellent result, immediately smooth and leveled.




For fiberglass repairs

Vetrokitt is a complete kit for the reconstruction of missing parts of plastic, fiberglass or metal products. It is composed of a bottle of polyester resin, with its liquid hardener, the fiberglass fabric, a mixing cup, a brush for applying the resin and protective gloves. It does not require other materials or tools to use. The practicality of use makes it suitable for both professional use and do-it-yourself.


EPOXY VETROKIT contains 1 bottle of epoxy resin, 1 bottle of 2: 1 epoxy catalyst, a cup to mix the two products, a piece of fiberglass fabric, a brush for application, abrasive paper to equalize and smooth the surface, protective gloves . Everything you need for repairs and reconstruction of plastic and fiberglass parts.


RESIN POLYESTER is the product suitable for metal, fiberglass and plastic. It is suitable for bonding and repairing damaged or gaps. Its formulation presents the product with excellent adhesive capabilities on fiberglass surfaces.




TEAK OLIO is the specific waterproofing treatment for teak but suitable for all types of wood. Evenly distributed on a dry and clean surface, it does not change the natural appearance of the wood but protects its beauty over time and enhances its valuable characteristics.


TEAK RENEWER is the right stain remover and whitening product for fine woods. The product, based on acids and surfactants, cleans thoroughly, removes stains and whitens any wooden surface, restoring the essence to its original splendor.





It is a water-based cleaning solution ideal for cleaning inflatable boats, fiberglass and wooden boats. It is also used for cleaning cars, motorcycles, campers, caravans.


POLISH LEVANTE are emulsions of first choice stabilized waxes, they have the appearance of a pink, water-based fluid cream, in the two types of polishing and abrasive. Their compositions are designed to ensure the best results for both the professional user and the do-it-yourself. WATER-BASED POLISH POLISH is ideal for giving paints of any type an incomparable gloss; application on old or new paints leads to the same extraordinary result. Easy to apply, it protects all types of hulls from atmospheric agents and
saltiness ensuring a good water repellent effect.


Thanks to its particular composition, it is an extremely easy product to use and without any type of danger indications. Its degreasing power allows to solve all problems related to surface cleaning. Suitable for washable surfaces such as: metal, plastic, lacquered materials, etc. Very effective in removing dirt, grease, mold and salt.


It is a water-repellent, stain-resistant spray, ideal for protecting the fabrics on the deck, such as awnings, bimini tops, cushion covers, cushions, bags and all the fabrics used in boating. It is antistatic, protects from rain, smog and grease.


Extreme Power Abrasive

ULTRAPOLISH is the ideal product for removing scratches, layers of old paint, yellowed and aged gelcoats. Its innovative composition has the power to regenerate the treated surface as new, ULTRAPOLISH has also been successfully tested on metallic materials for the removal of scratches on the bodywork. It is also intended for do-it-yourself.



Water based ABRASIVE PASTE is a preparation of selected waxes and metal oxides and is ideal for removing scratches and stains from all types of paint. It is a pasta that has the particularity of being produced on a water basis which makes it absolutely odorless and very easy to use. Thanks to its characteristics, the water-based abrasive paste can also be used on plastic parts as long as they are not very porous.


Rust converter

FC15 is the ideal product for the protection of all rusty iron and steel surfaces. The product has the ability to convert iron oxide into a different chemical compound with a black color, thus stopping the corrosive properties of rust. Furthermore, after drying, it forms a scratch-resistant, insulating protective film that can be painted over.



It's the mini-kit for all those fiberglass repairs. Kit includes: polyester resin, liquid catalyst, fiberglass fabric and mixing cup. It is the do-it-yourself format that gives the experience and effectiveness of a professional product. With this kit you can repair minor damage by easily filling gaps in fiberglass, metal and plastic. In its small format, with only 200 gr. of resin, SK200 avoids costly product waste, allowing even the less expert to use it in full autonomy. SK200 perfectly reconstructs the damaged fiberglass, restoring the treated surface to its original strength. KG 0,200 format


Porthole Renewal Kit

MAX NEW LIGHT is the specific kit for repairing all polycarbonate materials that are scratched, worn and yellowed over time such as: headlights, glass, portholes, synthetic glass, etc. Its power restores the original protective film of the polycarbonate giving a high protection against UV rays. The content included in the KIT allows more applications over time. Also suitable for do-it-yourself.

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