The product has the same characteristics as the historic Jolly putty, but the final result, thanks to an optical illusion, allows you to perceive a real 3D effect with illuminating metallic reflections. This product also comes in different metallic colors, initially conceived only three: gold, silver and copper and subsequently the company customizes any type of pigmentation according to the specific request of the customer.

The Metallic Mastic Effect is the new ILPA Stickers product, presented exclusively during the Stone Technology Conference. - Marmomacc 2017.
It is a mastic based on combined synthetic resins, intended for welding and grouting of all types of marble and natural stone. It is easy to apply thanks to the TIXO version. MME was born from the idea of satisfying all creative users, those who want to enhance the aesthetics of piety and its value.


It was developed on a polyester system and on an epoxy system, expanding the range of possible applications on different surfaces, not only marble and stone but also wood, glass, artificial stones and more. With MME it is possible to give an aesthetic touch with a creative and unique taste with a single application of the product. For example, it is possible to create pantography works and subsequently fill the drawings made with MME, or it is the right alternative to KINTSUGI, the famous gold scars that consists in the repair of a ceramic vase with gold dust. Its final effect gives a real optical illusion by recreating metallic and three-dimensional optical movements.


The art of decorating


It comes with an innovative, revisited and shiny packaging, but faithful to the historic JOLLY design. It was designed for contemporary architects, sculptors and artists and for all those who feel the need to enhance the beauty of stone.

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