Ilpa Adesivi has decided to participate in the Action Against Hunger #ConnectedagainstHunger Digital Challenge, an exciting challenge that will be held simultaneously all over the world from 7th June to 2nd July 2021!

Halfway between a multi-sport challenge and a role-playing game, all participants will turn into humanitarian workers in the field, specialized in projects related to climate change and will virtually travel through the countries and missions carried out by Action Against Hunger around the world.

The Digital Challenge will be played through the #ConnectedagainstHunger app and will see us in a competitive teams of 2 to 10 people in running, walking, biking, yoga and quizzes. The km traveled daily will be recorded by the app and will earn us points to climb the rankings and challenge each other and with the other participating companies, in Italy and around the world!

This initiative offers us a double opportunity:

- One (more) reason to play sports, to find time to dedicate to ourselves beyond the home-work combo and to do it in a safe, engaging and supportive way!

- A concrete way to support, with our commitment, the Action Against Hunger association, which has been working for 40 years

so that no child anywhere has to go hungry anymore. In addition, through the game, he tells us about the impact that climate change also has on issues such as the food crisis and on families who are struggling to survive.

According to FAO data, the climate crisis could increase the risk of suffering from hunger and malnutrition by 20%. And climate change affects those already vulnerable the hardest.

Walkers, cyclists, Sunday sportsmen or real athletes,

More we are, more we will do, for Action against Hunger!

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